Building a world

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So I have a question for you. It has to do with what SteamCharged is, and what it will become. But before I ask it, I want to give you a little bit of info about the world of SteamCharged. 

The year is 1933... but not the 1933 that we know...

During the 1840's an amazing new product made its debut: SteamCharges. SteamCharges were small translucent sphere that could fit in the palm of your hand. When dropped in water, they caused the liquid to instantly boil, producing massive amounts of steam and heat. Manufactured exclusively by the Utopia Corporation, these modern marvels put almost infinite energy into your pocket. A single SteamCharge can power a fully loaded locomotive from coast to coast of the (then) United States, not just once or even twice, but ten times. SteamCharges, as you can imagine, changed the world.

It is now 15 years after The Great War, almost 100 years after our histories diverged. Empires have risen and crumbled. New powers rise to take their place. Old sleeping dragons are still to be feared. All of Europe and most of Asia is devastation. Africa is united. The Americas are fractured. The Middle and Far East support an uneasy truce made behind the safety of The Great Wall. Australia and Antarctica are the new frontiers. The United Kingdom still looms large on the world stage.

The real power though resides with the twin titans, Science and Industry. Giant multi-national entities led by The Utopia Corporation produce marvelous products with catastrophic costs. During The Great War anatomic monstrosities and evolutionary horrors clashed with colossal automatons run by intelligent adas and analytical engines. All of these were made possible by progress.

The twins didn't just birth destruction though. Life everlasting can be had for those that can pay for it. Failed limbs and organs can now be replaces, improved. Electric devices, advanced textiles, and miraculous medicines are all available to even the poorest people. As long as their governments allows Utopia the freedoms they desire that is…

This alliance seems dangerous to some, unnatural to others. There are those that want to stop the ever growing progress. For them, the costs have been too high and the benefits not great enough. Some choose to resist progress through organization, working within governments and society. They want progress, of course, but at a more measured pace. They want to see it more evenly distribute, these marvels of the new age. They want equilibrium and balance and to retain our humanity while still pushing forward. They are the Stewards of Man and there is no government on earth where they are not represented.

Others choose to resist progress through more active means. Ragged bands of individuals on the fringes of society have started to unite. They see the dreams of Utopia and those like them as a threat. A threat to remake the world into a single culture, with only the twins working in tandem to guide it. In that world, there is no room for the strange, for the unique, or for the different. There would be no room for them. So they fight back. Dystopia has taken shape, and it will reshape everything that it touches...

The world of SteamCharged is one of high adventure and dire stakes, where ideologies are just as likely to clash as swords. The world was remade a long time ago, and now people are living with the consequences. 

Playing SteamCharged allows you to play whatever kind of steampunk that you want. Victorian, Wild West, Sky Pirates, Post-Apocalyptic, Vernean, Gothic, Gas-Lamp, whatever you like. At least that is the goal.

AND NOW... Let's have that question:

What kinds of things do you expect to see in a steampunk setting? Really, anything that you can come up with is great. I just want to see what YOU expect, not just what I expect. Because in the end, SteamCharged will be about the adventures that you have in the world that we have created for you. I want to make sure that the system allows you to do that. You can answer here, on Facebook, or on Twitter.