Astronauts in trouble: CRC series 2, game 3


You might be asking yourself, "Self, it is January 18th and I haven't seen a CRC game yet. WHERE IS THE MID JANUARY CRC GAME?"

Firstly, calm down. There is no need to get so upset. Secondly, it is coming. Be patient.

This project has ballooned a little bit. You see, I am making this game not only for you fine people, but also for the Austin Nature and Science Center. It is going to incorporated it into an afterschool program that  I do there. This has presented a whole mess of problems.

The idea is to make a board game that simulates the kinds of resource management that a group of astronauts would have to go through to travel to another object in space and set up a self sustaining colony there. The problem is that it needs to scale down to kindergartners and up to, well, up to ya'll. 

I have pretty much had to make 2 separate games. The first game is a simplified game for K-2 and the second game is a highly scalable game for 3rd graders and above. They are similar, but the first game is so much simpler that it isn't even the really same game. It is even flavored a bit differently, as you are just trying to get to a planet/moon instead of set up a colony.

SO, at the end of this month there will be 2 astronaut related games here. They will both be VERY visual, since I can't rely on words as much with kids, especially younger kids. The second game will be scalable enough that it will be fun for anyone and it is shaping up to be quite awesome. It will be here soon! Thanks for your patients!