Sheeple! CRC series 2, game 2

update 2: It is fixed now. Had to do a really weird work around since Google Drive broke it pdf conversion resolution. Print to pdf fixes it.

update 1: It has been drawn to my attention that some pdf readers are rendering the cards unreadable. I super appologize! I will look and see what I can do to fix it ASAP, but I am in the process of moving so this issue might not get resolved until Thursday. Again, I am super sorry.

Happy New Year! Here is the new game! EXCLAMATION POINTS!!

This game was actually part of a present that I gave to my girlfriend, Molly McCracken. She does a great little daily comic right here. It is about sheep! So the game is about sheep! SHEEP!

Sheeple is a hidden role card game where you will collect sheep and have them frolic about. You will also murder them and put them on boats. It makes sense. I promise.