Yargh: CRC SUPER update

So here is the deal. The GIMP is acting up and I am having super difficulties getting the assets for week 16/17's game, The Great Pyramid Scheme, into a functional state. Hopefully I will have them in the next day or 2, but I am not promising anything at this point. Just have faith that it IS coming and will be here very, very soon. Just bear with me...

I do want to get started on week 19's game though! I mentioned Ars Victor the other day, but I just wanted to mention it again. It is awesome. Super awesome. For so many reasons. Not the least of which is that it is a totally free print and play board game, which strangely enough, I can get behind. You should check it out.

The reason that I mention it again, is that I want to take a small concept from it and work it into a bigger game. It is the same concept that shows up it Small World Realms and Kingdom Builder. In each of these games, the board is different every time you play. I really like this idea. I have messed around with it a little bit before, but I am just going to blow the doors off it this time. Let's see where it will take me!

ALSO! The days/time frame for CRC are going to change slightly. Instead of posting the game on Sunday and posting a new challenge on Monday, I am going to now post the game (and probably the challenge for the next week) on Saturday night. It is only shifting it by 1 day, I know, but it is going to be a huge shift for me. There is also going to be a lot more content in general going up on the site too, so stay tuned kiddos.