This is my scheming face: CRC week 16 update 2

Challenge: Make a game about pyramid schemes.

I am going to take another week on this game. I have been working on 2 additional projects that I will hopefully be able to talk about very soon. So far I really like what I have, but it needs more time to percolate. Here is what I have for this week's game so far.

You have just been approached with an amazing opportunity! Several amazing opportunities actually. Now you just have to find some people to unload all of this amazing stuff on, or better yet, someone to unload it for you. This being the 21st century and all, you decide to use your social network to accomplish this. 

You are a node in a social network (which is currently a triangular grid) and you need to use your friends (adjacent nodes) to unload all of the stuff that your "mentor" keeps giving to you. You can also have your friends unload stuff onto their friends, and so on.

Every turn new stuff is produced and you have to find people to unload on. There are other people trying to unload their stuff too, and if someone knows someone who has actually bought this crap, they won't buy it. You only get money if you can actually shift this stuff. In fact, you have to pay regardless of if you can shift it or not.

That is the basic concept anyway. Mechanically it is... a bit more complicated. Right now, I have all of the big mechanics in place, it is just a matter of balancing the numbers. For that, I need to play test it a lot more. I'm going to spend this week doing just that.