Pyramid Scheme: Week 16, update 1

I quite enjoyed Rollasaurus Rex. The game actually started off much more complicated, with different dinosaur types and stats and such, but it just wasn't working very well. So I went back to the basic rolling mechanic and tried to that make it work. Eventually I ended up with something I liked, but I had to sacrifice those more dinosaur-y fiddly system bits to get to a fun core mechanic. I did get to use a truly ridiculous picture though. 

This weeks challenge is going to be a concept: the pyramid scheme. I really have no idea what kind of game it will even be, but sometimes I just get tickled by a concept. For some reason just the thought of a pyramid scheme in a game is very silly to me. I can't really explain it. It just came up in conversation the other day and my brain wouldn't let go of it. Now I have to make a game about it. That is all.



O yeah, sorry about this being a day late. I am just trying to get back into a groove. It is harder than it looks... I swear...