Fiasco-esque: CRC week 14, update 1


Fiasco is awesome. Just putting it out there since you probably already knew that. If you have no idea what I am talking about, go watch Wil Wheaton and friends play it here and here. You should be watching Table Top anyway as it is also awesome. 

Back to the point, Fiasco is awesome. There is no winning or loosing, just the making of a great story. I want to do something like that this week. I don't really want to use any of the mechanics, just the idea of telling a story using specific genre conventions. But what genre do I want to use?

If you know me personally, you know that I have a special affection for b-movies. I just like to watch really bad movies that have interesting ideas in them. Sci-fi, fantasy, and horror were all relegated to b-movie status for most of films history, and those are some of my favorite genres. I know that b-movies overall are not a cohesive genre, I just want to use what makes b-movies so great. So I want to make a b-movie.

The only game I have ever played that used the conventions of b-movies are the b-movie card games by Z-Man games. While these games can be hilarious, they are mostly just throwaway little card games that more make fun of b-movies than celebrates them. I want to make a story based game that celebrates the best of what b-movies can be. I want the stories told through it to take the kinds of chances that really great b-movies take. 

So that is my challenge this week: make a b-movie based storytelling game. Here it goes...