Mulligan: CRC week 9, update 3

Challenge: Make a board game about explosions.

I am disappointed in myself. You see, I didn't finish this week's game yet. I moved this week, and due to all of the craziness involved, I just didn't have time to take the game to completion. I didn't even get to make a physical prototype this week. That sucks. It means that I totally broke my promise to you to make a game every week. I am so sorry.

Let me make it up to you. This week's game was going to be pretty good. I think it could even be awesome. I'm going to spend another week on it. I'm going to make it awesome.

I have the first draft sketched out, all I need to do is make the first prototype. Since I will have another week, that means that I will get to play test it way more than I usually do and develop it much more completely. That also means that you can expect a lot more out of it. The concept that I have so far deserve the attention that I was not able to put into it this past week. 

There is a lot of cool stuff in there. Automated guards, chained explosions, matches, it is all in there. Should be cool.