DYNAMITE!: CRC week 9, update 2

Challenge: Make a board game about explosions.

Hey look! It's the Big Box of Dynamite from Big Bad! He has been hastily colored! NEATO!

Anyway, at Monday Night TephraDaniel ran an interesting game. A few of the players were low-ranking nobles who's higher ranking family members had all been killed in quick succession, leaving them as the last surviving heirs. The rest of us were their hired help trying to keep them alive.

At a certain point, we were exploring a warehouse to try and figure out who was trying to kill the nobles. We were playing rather incautiously and busted into the place, knocking over various walls and throwing any random switches that happened to present themselves. Of course, all of these things were trapped, mostly with explosives.

That got me to thinking. What if you made an entire board game around that concept? Not the bit about the nobles and all that, but the bit about constantly being blown up in a warehouse. What if you were trying to find something in this warehouse, but there were tons of booby traps (mainly explosions) in your way?

That sounds cool to me. There are plenty of opportunities for neat random events and the concept is fun and silly. I really just want to kill players in explosions over and over again. That sounds like fun.