Arborescence: the game: final cut: CRC week 4, day 7

Challenge: Make a game about growing things.

This weeks game is totally done! YAY!

I only made a few changes since yesterday. Most significantly, I changed the square cards into hex cards. You block people off a lot less and always seem to have more options about where to put cards. And it is SO DAMN PRETTY now. At least I think so...

Leaves now have an out. This lets the game go on a little bit longer and makes the flowers their own unique kind of card. It also gives the branch side some single in/out cards like the root side has. 

The card distributions are a little different. There are more branches and less flowers. With the hexes and leaf pass throughs, you need the extra branches. With the original distribution, the game ended before anyone could really get their footing.

That is about it really. I like how this week's game turned out. It even doubles as a 2-D representation of Yggdrasil. So double neato.

Here she is:



One final note: The Crossroads Challenge now has a landing page where you can get all of the PDFs in 1 handy dandy place. Not very pretty at the moment, almost strictly functional. PDFs for Source and Lycanthrope are coming soon.