Psyche: CRC week 7, update 3

Challenge: Make and rpg system with consequences.

Some weeks I feel like I'm circling a good idea in a dark room. I can kind of see the outline, and I can feel around on it a bit, but I just can't seem to reproduce it. The thing I end with resembles a good idea, much the same way that a snake resembles an elephant, but isn't quite the good idea I wanted. This was just such a week.

I feel like this about my rpg designs in general. Every rpg I make looks a bit like the rpg I want to make, but just isn't quite right. There are common elements that keep recurring over and over again. A few things carried over from Yggdrasil (namely the tension ratcheting 1s and the you say it, you do it mentality), from my not-so-secret rpg in development code named Dragonland (my code names are infamously bad), and from some other even more secret games. I hope that sometime soon I can bring it all together and make what I want to make. 

Psyche isn't the rpg I want to make, but it turned out pretty well. It can even be layered onto another system to add some challenge and change up your decision making process. Have at and have fun.


Download Psyche


And if you were wondering, the picture is of Psyche and Charon.