The Cost of Killing: CRC week 7, update 2

Challenge: Make an rpg system with consequences.

I apologize for the picture, but it cracks me up. Deal with it. 

How does it feel to kill someone? When we play games (especially fantastical combat heavy games like rpgs) we tend not think about it. It is just something that happens. There is a dude blocking your way, so your first instinct is to stab him. I HAVE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO you scream at the top of your lungs while flying through the air, sword in hand. But would a real person do that? Is that how a hero would act? I don't really think so.

Killing someone, even that awful terrible villain, has a cost. You just took a (presumably) human life and that has got to have an affect on you personally. I know it would affect me.

Real soldiers, which are the closest thing we have to warrior/heroes today, are trained to actively not kill people. They only kill people when they really have to. Soldiers that do have to kill lots of people are usually pretty torn up when they come back home. PTSD is a serious thing, and it is even more serious when the thing that caused it was killing other people.

Your psycology overall would be negatively effected every time you killed someone in real life. Emotional torment, braking of your personality, and even just straight mental instability would all occur. You would not be able to keep it together. In most games though, you can kill dozens of guys without any real consequences.

That is what this weeks game is going to be all about: consequences. For every action that you take, their will be a consequence. You really want to kill that guy? Sure, but it will cost you. A lot. Maybe you try and talk to him instead. Just a thought.

In the game, you will be a typical hero. It is just a given that you are at the top of your physical game, no matter what setting your game is in. You can run all day without breaking a sweat. An arrow to the gut is just a glancing blow. Stepping on a landmine is just a flesh wound. Your are also just smarter than everyone around you. You recite the collected works of Shakespeare in your sleep. Differential equations are no big deal. You are clearly a badass.

So that means no rolling for success. If you want to do something, you just do it. It will cost you some of your points, which at the moment are called Will Power, but you can totally do it.

There will however be rolling to determine the psychological impact that your actions will have on your character. If you are able to take an action without a serious effect on your psych, you will have the opportunity to wager more WP to take more actions in a chain. If you continue to suffer only little drawbacks, you will get psyched up and gain more WP. If the realization of what you have just done hits you, you will be psyched out and loose a bunch of your WP. 

You will need to accumulate those points too. As the game goes on, the stakes are continually escalating. Every action that you take or event that happens will escalate the situation that you are in. You will need to have those built up points to withstand the increasing pressure of the situation.

There is also a bit of character creation, although not much (as I really hate long setup times). Most of your character will be determined by the choices that you make in game. Tomorrow I will play it some and put up the PDF. See you then.