Guild of Nastiness: CRC week 6, update 4

Challenge: Make a hidden role game.

So we didn't actually get to play the game last night, as we were too busy playing the quote game and Super Munchkin. That was ok, I just figured we would play it today. Alas, today was also Father's Day, so all of the usual suspects were scarce. I had to go round up different people.

Luckily my mustache and demeanor are very convincing and I got 3 complete strangers to play my prototype. They weren't very good at naming plans (as I had to name all of the plans myself (with a little help from Michelle)) but they were excellent sports. Thanks guys! I appreciate it!

The changes I made were relatively minor. You now have the ability to split your vote across multiple plans, further obfuscating your true intentions. There are also now notoriety +X cards that add X to the notoriety of the plan regardless of which 1 is picked. So yeah, pretty minor stuff.

I also apologize for the quality of the card graphics. The GIMP was acting up and its interpolation for rotating sucks. 

Anyway, here is this weeks game:

Guild of Nastiness