Axis of Evil: CRC week 6, update 3

Challenge: Make a hidden role game.

I ended up with 5 different evil aspects for the events and 10+2 roles created from them. Each of the 10 roles is a cross between 2 different aspects and scores x2 for each event that has 1 of those aspects, and x4 if the event has both. 

The 2 additional roles are the Undercover Agent and the Henchman. The Undercover Agent scores x3 for foiled events. The Henchman scores for any event, regardless of success and scores x3 for events that have a total notoriety of <4. 

The game will be 6 rounds long plus a starting phase and a plan execution phase at the end. Each player is assigned a role randomly and dealt 5 cards during the starting phase. During the regular rounds, players will place an event card from their hand face down on the table and then they each draw a card to replace it. The cards will then be shuffled together and revealed. Players will then vote on them. The winning event will become part of the plan.

During the plan execution phase at the end of the game, everyone reveals their identities. The events are then executed in the order that they were played. Each event has a notoriety score written on it. You roll a d6 and add that number to the notoriety on the card to determine the the notoriety of the event. The threshold of failure for an event goes up by 1 every turn, starting at 7. If an event is foiled, then no one (except the Undercover Agent and the Henchman) scores for the event. If it succeeds, everyone scores the notoriety for that event plus any special scoring form roles. The person that played that event also scores 3 additional points (with multipliers applied) for that event. The player with the most points wins.

Tonight we are going to play it with a group. I haven't actually named the events yet. I'm going to let my players name the events as they are played. I thought that that would be cool. I should have a PDF up tomorrow. See you then.