Being a Villain: CRC week 6, update 2

Challenge: Make a hidden role game.

I'm going to return to one of my favorite flavors: being the bad guy. I feel like everyone likes playing the bad guy and you rarely get an opportunity to do it well. Big Bad did it and this week's game will do it too.

In this week's game, you and your buddies will all be criminal masterminds of one stripe or another. The good guys have just been getting you down lately, so you have decided to band together with some like-minded individuals and finally execute your master plan. Unfortunately, all of those like-minded villains have their own diabolical plans that they are trying to execute. Good luck with that.

At the beginning of the game, each player will be assigned a specific bad guy persona that is hidden from all of the other players. Each player will then go through a set up process that determines what their personal plan for the game will be. Then all of the players will collaboratively come up with a grand scheme that is doomed to fail (of course). Each player will be scored based on how well they fulfilled their personal plans.

I am working on filling out the game with specific events and methods for the villains to use. There will be more personas than there are players in the game, so every game will have a completely different mix of roles. I might even have a few pieces of art for this weeks game. Play-testing the game this weekend should be a hoot. The game already has a really weird sense of humor and I'm sure it will just get weirder.