The Crossroads Challenge 1

I'm starting a big project. I have decided that my game design chops are not where I want them to be. Big Bad is the only thing that I have designed in the past year, and most of the actual design took just a few weeks. The whole reason I started making board games was that I could build and rebuild a game from the ground up in a matter of days, or even hours, instead of the weeks that it took me to do with a video game. The most fun and interesting time that I had with Big Bad was in those first few weeks.

Big Bad allowed me to grow in a lot of areas I didn't even realize I was lacking. Taking a project like that all the way through to completion was a huge effort and made me learn how to do so many things that it is ridiculous. I just wish that I had gotten more actual game design time (making the rules and such) instead of so much development time (doing things like formatting graphics and assembling cards). 

So here is my big project. Every week for the next year I will design a new game. I will start off the week with a challenge to myself and meet that challenge through my design. I will take that design as far as I can in a week. At the end of each week I will have a prototype that will be posted for free here. It will be as complete as it is going to get in that week. There may be some rudimentary graphics, but there will definitely be a rules set and a card set/board/token set as the case may be. Think on the level of the old cheap ass games like Kill Dr. Lucky and you will have a pretty good idea of what to expect. The goal is to stretch myself as a designer and to just design a bunch of games. 


I want to make a thousand-year game. A thousand-year game is a game that will still be around in a thousand years. Think chess, go, mancala, that sort of thing. There was competition last year that was run by Daniel Solis to make just such a game. Unfortunately I missed the dead line because I heard about it too late. Fortunately there is nothing stopping me from doing it now.

The challenge is as simple as that. Just something I want to do, or a space I want to explore, or a question I want to answer. I want to see if I can do something that can last this week. A good enough place to start I suppose.

I will post updates every day on how my process is going, the kinds of things that I am thinking, and so on, just so you know.