Lycanthrope: CRC week 3, day 7

Challenge: Make an active game.

Note: Apparently I didn't hit post last night (or something) so I apologize for the lateness.

This week was hard for me. I thought making an active childrens' game would be easy. I was so wrong. There were just none of the physical elements that I am used to working with. How do you think about randomness when everyone is just running around? How do you give people interesting choices to make? I still don't know

I also fixated on making a single idea work. I wanted to make Werewolf damn it. I should have moved on. Sometime this year after I have worked with kids for awhile, I think that I will do this challenge again. 

The rules are unchanged from yesterday, but I will go ahead and post them again.

1) For an arbitrarily large group of people (at least 10) you need a method of randomly and anonymously selecting werewolves. Lottery is probably the best method, although if you are in a situation where you have a group leader that would not normally take part in the game (such as a camp or retreat) they can select the werewolves. Anonymity is important.

2) Much like traditional Werewolf, the game start with everyone closing their eyes and only the werewolves opening them. After the werewolves have silently acknowledged each other, they close their eyes.

3) Everyone opens their eyes to together and are now free to move around and talk. People that are not werewolves are humans. Werewolves turn humans into werewolves by grabbing a shoulder and lightly squeezing. This is called a "bite". Humans kill werewolves (take them out of the game) by being in a group of two or more (within touching distance of one another) and simultaneously tagging the werewolf while shouting "SILVER BULLET". If the player tagged in this way is a human, they are still out. 

4) The game is over when either all the humans are werewolves or all of the werewolves are dead. 

I thought about trying to makes some variants, but seeing as how I didn't even get to play the game this week, I don't think that I will. Thanks for bearing with me this week. Hopefully next week will be more fruitful.