Child's Play: CRC week 3, day 1

Last week's project was so big and took up so much time, that this week I'm going to do something smaller in scope. I just need to do something that doesn't require quite so much cerebral energy. Besides, this summer I am working part-time at a nature/science kid's camp and I started the training this week. What better time to start a fun and simple kid's game?

So my challenge for this week is going to be make an outdoors game. I am learning about 15-20 new games every day this week and I thought that it would be cool to make my own contribution. This is actually harder than it sounds. There are so many fun outdoors kid's games out there that making something new or interesting is going to be profoundly difficult. Let's hope that I am up to the challenge...

If you have any fun games that you remember playing as a kid or at camp, drop them in the comments. There are always weird games that no one has played but you, and I would love to hear about them!