The Crossroads Challenge Week 2, Day 1

A new week means a new challenge!

This week's challenge is to make a dream based rpg!

I'll be working with Wahrk on the challenge this week. He is an experienced narrator for Tephra and is working with Cracked Monocle to create story suppliments. I think he has an interesting point of view on rpgs. We both like it when story telling comes first and when the mechanics of a game push for better story telling, not just number crunching.

Last week at the Monday Night Tephra, we played a short one-shot in the Wushu system (our go to system for light one-shots) based on a simple concept: dreams are all real worlds that we go to when we sleep. Most people can't keep their identity across the dreams, but the players have the ability to just that. They use that ability to travel between the realities. I thought it was a cool concept. Of course, I thought it up, so go figure.

Wushu unfortunately wasn't cutting it here. The rolls felt awkard and the traits were oddly constricting. So we thought, hey, we make games, don't we? Why don't we just make our own rules? And that is exactly what we plan to do this week.

Now I am off to Monday Night Tephra to celebrate the launch of their final version and to talk to Wahrk about this rpg...