The Crossroads Challenge Week 1, Final day

Challenge: Make a thousand year game.

First off, here are the final rules for this week's game, Source:

1) The game takes place on a 9x9 grid. You also need 25 tokens in four different colors. Let's go with red, blue, green, and yellow.

2) Each corner is the source for one of the colors of tokens. Going clockwise around the board, place a red token in one corner, then a blue token in the next, then a yellow token in the next, and finally a green token in the last corner.

3) Each player controls 2 colors. One player will control red and yellow, while the other controls blue and green.

4)When you place any token on the board, it must be adjacent (on a side, not diagonal) to a token that is connected to that colors source. A token is connected to the source if it is part of an unbroken chain of tokens that lead back to the source.  All moves are considered placing a token on the board.

5) Play moves around the board clockwise. Each color has a discrete turn, so each player gets 2 turns per round. During a turn, a player has 2 action points that they can spend. They can spend these in a following ways.

  • Placing a token costs 1 action point.
  • Fortifying a space costs 1 action point. Place an additional token on the fortified space. Fortified spaces must by connected to their source at time of placement.
  • Removing an opponent's connected fortification costs 1 action point. Remove the fortification piece and 1 of your unused tokens from the game.
  • Capturing an opponent's token that is connected to the source costs 2 points. Remove that token from the game.
  • Capturing an opponent's token that is not connected to the source costs 1 point. Remove that token from the game.
  • Capturing an opponent's fortified token that is not connected to the source costs 1 point. Remove both of your opponent's tokens from the game.

6) The game ends when any color runs out of tokens.

Scoring: Every token connected to the source is worth 2 points. Every token not connected to the source is only worth 1 point. If the token on the center space is connected, it is worth 10 points. Every space that is completely surrounded by tokens of a single color and/or a wall is worth 3 point to that color. Add up the points for both colors that each player controls and the highest score wins. Tie goes to the player that controls the center space.


Pretty good for a week. Source plays fast and has some interesting strategy. Will it stand up for a thousand years? Only time will tell! *groan*

Unfortunately I have no printable this week. Source is very easy to put together. Just use coins (although 25 quarters is a bit of cash I suppose) and use the intersections on a chess/checkers board. That makes a good 9x9 playing surface. Also, I am sick and didn't really feel like it. I would feel bad if you couldn't play this game with some rocks, a piece of chalk, and a spare sidewalk, but since you can, I don't feel that bad. I will probably make a printable anyway, just not today.

SO! What is coming down the pipeline next week? Tim (a.k.a. Wahrk) is going to be helping me out on the next project. It is going to be a rules-lite rpg that takes place IN YOUR DREAMS. Should be interesting. Also, I will totally take more pictures this week. And by more, I mean I will actually take some pictures. See you tomorrow...