Big Bad has been reformatted and repurposed for print through The Game Crafter! The Game Crafter is a print on demand service that makes board and card games. We put a lot of work into a bunch new pieces and there are a few changes that will eventually make it back into the print-and-play version.

It is not available for purchase yet though! Here is the deal, we want to make sure that the print that comes out of The Game Crafter is of the quality that we think you deserve. We have ordered a copy for ourselves and we are going to wait until we receive and approve it before we let other people buy it. In the best case scenario, it will be available for purchase in 7-10 days!

That is super exciting! After that, I will be shopping in around to local game stores and publishers to see if we can get people to carry it, and eventually, publish it. This is a super exciting time for us! You should be excited too!