All of the Projects, ALL OF THEM!

I've been working on several projects for awhile now, and I think it is about time to take the lid off of some of them. I'm going to hit on each of them very briefly today, and expand on that in the next few days. First up, Junkyard Bot Brawl. 

This is a super exciting project for me because it represents a huge first for me. Someone is publishing my game! That someone happens to be Cracked Monocle. I have mentioned them several times before, but it is awesome to get to work with them on a project.

The name is not final, but much of the game is. It is essentially design complete and is deep in play-testing/developing. It even has an artist! Danielle Braden is an awesome artist who has done work for Cracked Monocle and Game Salad, among others. She is also a personal friend and just a great person all around. The lovely little chap above is something that she made for me to take to Showdown at Unobtainium this past weekend.

In this game, you are an unemployed mad scientist who has taken up residence in the city junkyard. Unfortunately, so has your old rival. You are going to kick them out the only way you know how: by building bots and sending them out to do your bidding. The game combines deck building with tactical play in a board game for 2 players.

So far it has gotten really positive feedback from everyone who has played it. It will be available to play in open testing every Monday night at Dragon's Lair in Austin during Tephra Mondays.


Next up, Yggdrasil: The Reality Tree.


Wahrk a.k.a. Tim Bedard and I are hard at work on making Yggdrasil into a fully fleshed out project. Several of the systems are getting completely overhauled, multiple example plays will be added, and even a smattering of art will be thrown in. It is turning into something really special. It should be available early next year.


Now for a little Big Bad news.


There is actually quite a bit going on on the Big Bad front. The original print-and-play Big Bad is going to get a refresh in the coming weeks, mostly making corrections and fixing errors. There might be a few more surprises in there too, but I'll detail that at a later time.  

There are also 2 different expansions that will be available for the print-on-demand version in the coming months: Party Up and Treasure Time. They will both add completely different mechanics and card types: Additional Hero Classes and Treasure cards respectively. These expansions will not be available for the print-and-play version at this time.

There is ALSO a Big Bad sequel coming! I love the humor and setting of Big Bad, but ever since I released it, there have been several things that I am just not very happy with. For me, that means sequel time.

I just wanted to mention that here as I will dedicate much more space to it in the coming weeks. It is not just going to be more or even different cards, it is going to be a very different game. There isn't even going to be a card component as it exists now. There will however be resource management and monster breeding. Like I said, a very different game.


And finally, CRC news.


As you can see, I have a lot of things going on. The CRC is really important to me though so I want to continue it in some way. Right now, I'm planning on still doing a new game regularly. Every week is just too much. I'm going to transition it to every 2 weeks. That will give each game a little more time to stew, and with any luck, that also means that I will do more board games. I hope that it is a positive change, but I am going to reassess the CRC in another month and see how things are going. 

I know that was a ton of stuff, but I just wanted to get it all out there. In the coming weeks I will be talking about all of this stuff a lot more, but I think that that is enough info-dump for one day, don't you?