Monster Mash: CRC Game 17, update 3

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Sort of... I suppose it is technically the 1st of November, but whatever. It is still Halloween Night! And here is the game as promised! 

Monster Mash

I relabeled the games in the CRC to more accurately how many games there are, since the whole week thing was getting a little confusing. Hope you don't mind...

Also, I'm reconsidering certain things about the CRC. I'm about to roll into full production on another non-CRC related game, which I will talk about here very soon, and I'm not sure if I can juggle a game every week, plus full production, plus work, plus SECRET PROJECTS, plus more content. Something has to give, and I haven't fully decided what yet. We shall see. I'll be back some time next week with more details (maybe Sunday).