No excuses: CRC "week 18"

I'm done making excuses for myself so here is the real skinny. I've been in a bad way design-wise for a little while now. I just have not been able to perform to a level that satisfies me. I have made a lot of excuses to myself and to other people, but the truth is that I just wasn't doing the job that I had set for myself. That is over.

I will be back to weekly updates, starting this week. I also still plan on putting some non-CRC related content on here really soon, but no promises on a time frame or anything. I don't want to promise something and let it slip through the cracks again. That would make me feel terrible and make you not like me very much. So no more promising things like that. They will come when they come, and it will be a neat little surprise for everyone when they do!

I tried really, really hard to finish last week's game, but in the end, I came up with nothing. It happens sometimes, and in this instance I just couldn't power through it. I may return to particular challenge at some point, but I don't really know when. 

This week, I'm going to make a Looney Pyramids game. These things are really awesome. There is a great community of people that play and make games for these little things too. So I'm going to make one. YAY!