MONSTERS!!!:CRC week 19, update 1

Since it is so close to Halloween, I thought MONSTERS would be a good theme this week. I have no idea what kind of game it will be, but it will include MONSTERS! So GRRRR!!!

Also, the planned "enhanced" content will not be joining us quite yet. I have a really big event at work called Halloween Howl and so I won't have extra time this week to devote to such a thing. In fact, if you are in the Austin area, why don't you come and join me? Halloween Howl takes place at the Austin Nature and Science Center this Saturday, October 27th from 5:30pm-8:30pm. It is $5 to get in, but it is totally worth it. There will be moonlit hikes, the planetarium will be set up, you will be able to touch a hissing cockroach, and there will be a bunch of other stuff! It will be super.

That "enhanced" content is coming soon though and it will include, among other things, a weekly video! Right now we are planning on giving a brief demo of the game of the week, but I am open to suggestions for other things too. Just let me know what kinds of things you might like to see.