Uncharted 2 left me a little cold...


I just finished Uncharted 2 a few days ago.  I was super excited to play this game, seeing as how it got so many "game of the year" nods all around.  It really was a good game I guess.  For some reason though, it left me with a bit of an empty feeling, and I can't really decide why.

Uncharted 2 seems like it should be just about a perfect game to me.  You get some really well executed shooting, a little Prince of Persia style platforming, stellar voice work and animations, a very good story, and to top it all off, the game is a stunner.  I like all of these things.  They even come together well.  For some reason though, it all left me a little cold.

Maybe it is because the platforming has that very "same-y" structured feel that has never really been improved upon since Sands of Time first tried it in 2003.  Maybe it is because even though the story is good, it is told very deliberately in a Hollywood action movie kind of way.  Maybe it is because even though the shooting feels great, there is just too damn much of it, especially toward the end where I just wanted it to end for the last 15-25% of the game (which, incidentally, is exactly how I felt about the first Uncharted).  Maybe it is because I know that in three to six months, I won't remember a damn thing about any part of the game other then that it felt good, but over stayed its welcome with me.  

I don't know really.  I feel a little funny recommending this game to anyone, although I'm sure most of my friends will enjoy it.  It is fun stuff.  It has all the things that I thought that I want out of a game.  Maybe I don't know what I want out of a game anymore.