iJumpman is rad


Do you remember Jumpman?  No, not that early 80's Atari/Commodore64 game, although that is a classic.  That free indie game that came out last year.  It is rad.  It has a great retro Atari aesthetic and incorporated elements that can only be done with more modern technology, like physics and 45 degree angles.  Go get it for free.  


Guess what?  You can actually pay for this now!  Isn't that great?  It just came out on iPhone as iJumpman.  It is equally rad.  Actually, it might be even better.  The controls are spot on.  I feel like any platformer that uses a virtual d-pad should take a good, long look at the touch controls here.  To me, they feel even better than the computer controls.  Three dollars is just about right for this game and it even comes with a level editor and the ability to upload and download levels.  So cool.