Link: Lost Garden: Steambirds


I think this article really hits on why bloated modern development teams make games that are less personal and interesting than the games that are made by small development teams.  Sure, you might not like every indie game, but there are things out there that can be deeply personal and I would bet there is something to fit your personal taste too.  I think there will always be a place for big budget games just like there is a place for blockbuster movies and hyper-pop music.  Even in today's niche filling internet society, there are still enough people out there who want those shallow media experiences.  That is what mass-media popularity means now.  That isn't to say that sometimes great and fun things don't come out of that systems, but they will never affect a human being on a deep level.  Only something that is the responsibility of a small group of individuals (or a single individual for that matter) can really connect to another individual.  

Steambirds: Why indie games are good for fans  From Lost Garden