My take on the IGF mobile


So the IGF mobile finalists were annouced and they have me a bit confused.  I went through that list and it is about a 50/50 split for me on things that I actually recognize.  This completely surprised me, mainly because I play so many iPhone games and this list is almost exclusively iPhone games.

The best iPhone game category is unsurprising but still pretty awesome.  Drop7, Hook Champ, and Spider are all very cool and you should own them all.  Almost all of the other categories are problematic at best, and just plain crazy at worst.  Earth Dragon even gets a mention for Audio Design?  That game was neat, but all of the music was straight out of Garage Band (see if you can spot the music that was used in an extremely popular game podcast that no longer exists!).  Guerrilla Bob for Achievement in Arts?  Ok, whatever.  

These choices are especially baffling when you look at what was submitted.  This is a year when Zen Bound,  Edge, Eliss, and Radio Flare were submitted.  Who the hell is judging this?  In what world does Zombie Pizza trump any of those in Audio or Art design?  What is Zombie Pizza anyway?  As far as I can tell, it is an ugly, horrible mess.  Granted, I have yet to play it yet... but ZOMEBIE PIZZA?  This game better be freaking amazing to be nominated above any of those others.  

Sorry about all that.  The IGF is just drives me crazy sometimes.  I could go on about how they allow unfinished games to be entered and what a terrible idea that is, or how the judging process is whacked (not in the way you think though, if anything I want more people judging these games) but I really just can't bring myself to complain anymore.  IGF almost always has some really interesting and fresh games that get lots of the good press that they deserve, and for that I have to give them tons of credit.  Some of the organizational decisions that get made though are just weird.  There is so much potential there that I just want to see it become a really awesome thing that the game community can point to as a prime example of what it does that no other medium can do.  

Now I have to see a man about a Zombie Pizza... this better be good...

P.S.  The fact that Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery EP (which I am fully aware is not finished) and Glow Artisan got some nods is extremely rad.  Could not be more excited for S:S&S EP to actually come out and Glow Artisan is one of those secret awesome games that is hiding on the DSiware shop.