For awhile I was making a game every week. I called it my Crossroads Challenge. Here is the archive for those games. All are free to download, print, and play. Just click on the name of the game to download a pdf. I'm going to make this page prettier very soon.

Arborescence: A card placement game about growing things.

B-movie: A storytelling game where you write a b-movie.

Branches: A pen and paper game where you draw a tree.

Crate and Peril: A cooperative board game with explosions.

Cybertaur: A card drafting and strategy game for 2 people where you pilot a cybernetic minotaur, or Cybertaur if you will.

Guild of Nastiness: A card game about villains working at cross-purposes.

House of Cards: A card game that uses a standard deck of playing cards.

Lycanthrope: An active version of the classic game Werewolf for kids of all ages.

Make Believe: An imagination based storytelling game that requires no materials.

Monster Mash: An rpg/dice rolling game about being a monster and messing up a city.

Nature Crash: A board game about destroying the environment for 2 players.

Psyche: An rpg about emotional consequences.

Rhetoric: A territory control game for 3 people where the territory is a person's mind.

Rollasaurus Rex: A dice game where you are a dinosaur, fighting other dinosaurs. With dice.

Sheeple: A card game about sheep. Bah.

Source: A thousand-year game for 2 people.

Space Truckers: A light strategy game about transporting goods that uses Looney Pyramids.

The Great Pyramid Scheme: A board game about selling stuff. Lots of stuff.

Yggdrasil: An rpg about dreaming.